Webinar: Storm Affected Properties

5 Sep 2023, 6:30pm–7:45pm NZST

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This webinar is for Auckland homeowners whose property or neighbourhood was impacted by severe weather in early 2023.

Our team will be covering topics such as:
- The different property categories in the Government risk framework and what it means for you
- The difference between property categorisation and coloured placards/stickers
- How high-risk properties are identified
- Update on the property buyout process
- How to access information and support
- Answering your frequently asked questions (submitted prior to the webinar)

You can expect to receive the most up to date information, presented in a way that’s easy to understand. Some homeowners are feeling unsettled about what the future holds, which is understandable. We’ve allocated time during the webinar to answer your questions and concerns. There is an opportunity to submit questions on this registration form and also after registering. We’ll answer them anonymously during the webinar to protect your privacy.

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